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Default Re: Is GSP/Silva becoming the Mayweather/Pacquiao of MMA?

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat View Post
This is true. He competes not to lose instead of fighting to win. However his last fight showed an edge. He really went after Condit on the front foot and went through some bad moments to win. He could have definitely made that fight easier.

GSP isn't stupid, he has no interest in any Silva strike connecting and he knows how difficult it was to control a 6 footer with an active guard let alone a significantly bigger fighter with an active guard. 25 minutes is simply too long and it would require an incredibly negative approach to win, one which may hurt his profile more than do him good.

Diaz is gonna act like an absolute ****, the people will love it, GSP can stand with him and control him enough to win and re-establish his dominance at 170. They will nicely hype up that Condit won controversially and many believe that Nick should have been the man in there with him.
GSP also seems to have a genuinely strong dislike for Diaz as a person. With his more aggressive than expected approach against Condit, I wonder if he'll be motivated to really beat Diaz's ass and send him home whipped. Hopefully he won't be too concerned with Diaz's one-shot power, because if that's the case we might see a GSP who actually really wants to finish the guy.

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