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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez 4 ****ysis/Possible Outcomes

Originally Posted by dangerousity View Post
My opinion of what Pacquiao's strategy should be:

Box off the backfoot. He doesn't do this because its not his style, however I think even he knows he would make life easier for himself if he forced JMM to come forward. In interviews I have heard Pac say "I know how to fight a counterpuncher, to fight a counterpuncher you have to be a counterpuncher yourself, but it would be a boring fight". Quite simply, he needs to allow for a boring fight if he wants to win. Now I'm not simply saying to box with JMM as JMM would win that, but to literally go on the backfoot so that JMM would have to alter his style to something he's not accustomed to.
He tried that in the 3rd fight and it didn't work out well for him. The more tactical and quiet the fight is, the more it benefits the smarter fighter = Marquez.

Pacquiao needs to throw that tactical stuff out the window and bring the beast back, try to overwhelm Marquez with his speed and aggression and not give him enough time to think. Yes, he's gonna get countered but he needs to take the counters and keep coming, keep the fight at a fast pace to make Marquez's computer-like brain start to lag.
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