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Default Re: How can people call Klitschko an ATG?

Originally Posted by Faerun View Post
I consider Wlad an ATG on longevity and longevity alone. He would be pretty much the first HW ATG to not have a single relevant win on his resume but it is what it is I suppose. You clearly can't take away his streak over such a long strech. Haye and Byrd are his two best wins and both are nothing but B-level. So depending on what your criteria for ATGness look like, the OP's suggestion that Wlad ain't an ATG is not too far-fetched even though I disagree.
CHEF, can you respond to this as opposed to slurring "ban" and "troll" to whoever disagrees with ya? How many ATG HWs are on your personal list that don't have a single A-level scalp on their resume? What are your criteria? Mine are:

- Resume (far and ahead the most important and Wlad lacks terribly in this department compared to others)
- Longevity (Wlad shines here, no question about it)
- Skills (I find him to be terribly limited but his jab-right-hand combo is pretty ****ing devastating and executed perfectly)
- Losses (terrible losses and he only ever avenged one against an aged opponent who slew him when he was younger)
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