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Default Re: Hiking up mountains once a week?

Originally Posted by SlickMick View Post
Is it really the best thing for boxing?

Hiking = very long low intensity cardio (1 hour + easily)
amateur Boxing =fairly short very high intensity cardio

easily? i had to take 6 breaks in which i lay in a pile of sweat with the 20 other people who are dieing from just trying to get through at a slow pace.

I do do a mixture of jogging running and sprinting uphill currently because it's starting to pore. but in reality this is probably the hardest thing yet, my legs felt like dropping, i was dead tired and my mind was completely dead.

i know this sounds like some random hike but it litterally is like a fleet of large steps in which you have to lunge up. Once your legs are gone, your stamina just drops.
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