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Default Re: Nacho: Pacquiao-Marquez is not a Toe-To-Toe fight

Originally Posted by divac View Post
If the 3rd fight with Marquez told us anything about what could transpire for Pacquiao against Mayweather, it showed that Pacquiao becomes even more clueless when the pace is slowed and punches in two's and three's from the opponent becomes the norm.

Marquez swiveled and played with waist movments more than he had done the two previous fights. He incorporated less combinations into the 4's and 5's and concentrated more on a better defense, parrying and riding with the shots (something that Mayweather is much more versed that Marquez is) and it turned out to be the consensus easiest fight of the three for Marquez.
I disagree. De La Hoya's pace vs Pac was slow as a snail's and he turned into nothing more than target practice.

Like I said, countering with combinations is the key to beating Pacquiao. If Marquez knocks Manny out this Saturday, I guarantee you that it will be the 3rd or 4th punch Marquez throws in the combination thats takes him out.

As for Marquez's swiveling and waist movement, he was doing that to Pacquiao even before Pacquiao committed to throwing anything and that threw off Pacquiao's timing.

Mayweather swivels too and does all the waist movement, but he does it at a radically different time and in radically different situations that when Marquez did it against Pacman in their 3rd fight.
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