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Default Re: How can people call Klitschko an ATG?

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
You will never see Wlad duke it out like Holmes v Norton. He doen't have the bravery or the warrior mentality. What good for him isn't good for me, its a specator sport and he doen't entertain. Ill never respect a fighter who holds excessively the way he does when a fight isn't going his way because he doesn't have the tools or courage to fight in close.

Lewis is rememberd fondly because he fought ATGs ,came back and avenged his only 2 loses and retired on a victory against Vitali who went on to dominate for ten years.

Nobody will remember any of the guys Wlad fought, he never tried to avenge his loss and let his big brother take care of Sanders for him. He's never taken big risks in his career and certainly wont be taking any in the next year or two. Expect another 3 joke fights and retirement.
Pulev, Fury, Price maybe even Povektin will all be avoided.

Such a misinformed and innacurate post. Wlad haters do not improve with the years, even though the man's been at the top for so long and is a credit to boxing, making lots of dough for everybody in the game. The thought of going back to the ABC belt holders we had during other eras and lesser attendances in glorified halls instead of football stadiums means nothing. And mate, Sanders, god rest him, chose to relinquish the WBO belt for the vastly bigger payday verses Vitali. Wlad did not dodge the guy at all. No doubt you were one of the roasters that claimed Haye would knock him out and is still hurting.
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