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Default Re: I a trainer revealed a secret dive before death

Originally Posted by The Funny Man 7 View Post
Benny Leonard's manager?

DIdn't he tell Benny 'you can't win this fight' before the Britton fight, and Leonard intentionally got himself dq'd?

I think I read that somewhere. I take it with a grain of salt. As a rule these near death confessions seem sketchy, i.e. Doc Kearns' plaster of paris' revelation. Kearns detailed how he allegedly doctored Dempsey's wrapsin the Willard fight. Ring magainze or someone followed the instructions with strict detail. The plaster they came up with crumbled at the sightest touch.

There are other examples of managers and trainers spouting seemingly outrageous claims years or decades after the fact. Archie Moore was famous for exagerating his tales. There are others.
FM, don't take it with a "grain of salt" as you will develop high blood pressure. Leonard the coolest and brainiest fighter did not all of a sudden turn into a wild street fighter..He DID what he had to do or ELSE...
P.S.What did Mannie Seamon have to gain by revealing this event 60 years later, just before Seamon passed away ? NADA !
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