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Default Re: How can people call Klitschko an ATG?

Originally Posted by On The Money View Post
Such a misinformed and innacurate post. Wlad haters do not improve with the years, even though the man's been at the top for so long and is a credit to boxing, making lots of dough for everybody in the game. The thought of going back to the ABC belt holders we had during other eras and lesser attendances in glorified halls instead of football stadiums means nothing. And mate, Sanders, god rest him, chose to relinquish the WBO belt for the vastly bigger payday verses Vitali. Wlad did not dodge the guy at all. No doubt you were one of the roasters that claimed Haye would knock him out and is still hurting.
Explain to me in detail whats innacurate about it?

Why would Sanders duck Wlad who he destroyed in two rounds? Sanders had two options:
1. Defend his WB0 title against mando Brewster for little money.
2. Fight for the vacant WBC against Vitali and earn a career high payday.

You dont have a clue mate. Brewster hadn't beat Wlad yet and was a no name. Sander's was getting old and went where the money was. He did not duck a rematch.
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