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Default Re: Joe Calzaghe: a wasted career?

Originally Posted by Laikaka View Post

Given the time and effort you spend on this don't you think you'd be better served by looking for some balance to your posts. Look at how you refer to Bika in your comparison of him as a Ward opponent and then as Calzaghe's opponent. To you it's a big issue that Dawson returned to SMW but not for Eubank to do so to fight Calzaghe (as a sub.) Brewer's win over Herol Graham four years prior to facing Calzaghe is seen as relevant but Omar Sheika's loss to Tony Booth two years before his fight with Calzaghe isn't.

You've previously shown on another thread that you pick to either choose or ignore facts whenever it suits your argument.

In what parallel world did you get your Ring ratings from?

And did you really think your quotes "a lot of fighters joe calzaghe fought had a minimum of 20 wins with 1 lost" or "...and joe calzaghe has beat people that beat people that beat...graciano rocchigiani, james toney, Kelly Pavlik, Dariusz Michalczewski etc etc. cuts it? That is absolutely desparate man.

What you are advocating for the worthiness of an opponent at world title level is why boxing is in the state it is. He was supposed to be a world champion but you suggest Calzaghe's were worthy because of their record, because once upon a time they either held or fought for an alphabet belt or one day would go on to do that. What do you make of David Price's last two opponents then (both former world title challengers)? Thankfully you stopped short of mentioning a boxer's nationality and the stereotypes sometimes associated with it as another defence of Calzaghe's choice of challenger.

I'm sorry but a title reign of eight and a half years without a unification fight in a multi-title world is very, very poor form. Particularly when that title was such a weak one (WBO.) And how many other alphabet titlists were there during that time? And not a single one of them would entertain the idea of fighting Calzaghe. Really?

Thing is, I liked Joe at the end of his career because he (or his management) finally sought out proper challenges and I rated him. He showed in his last few years how adaptable he was and you felt that somehow he could always find a way to win...a rare thing. Such a shame that the years before this were largely a waste of his talent.
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