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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by ushvinder View Post
So instead of fghting david tua when he was top ranked and in the middle of his prime, he should have fought tua when he was only a rising prospect?

Lennox has a resume better than most heavyweights like tyson and holmes, and you said i dont care what others think im not going to make a poll, yeah because most would disagree and say that your an idiot.

I love it how you like to take your statements as if they are fact and not just an ill mannered opinion. I love it you make it sound like oliver mccall and tommy morison were only on drugs when they fought lennox, but never touched any drugs at earlier stages of thier career. Are you thier personal stalkr? Do you give them pleasure and services, like how the **** do u know about when they used substances and when they didnt.
Well there are 100 boxing journalitss that agree with me about Lummox Lewis so go argue with them.

Tua was a ranked contender for a while and in good shape at 225 pounds. Look it up. Lewis only fights Tua when Tua balloons to 245-250.

Lewis has a better resume? Lummox Lewis fought a mere 44 fights. Compared to the greats,that's hardly a boxing career.

Tyson beat Prime Tony Tucker,Mike Spinks,Trevor Berbick,Razor Ruddock,Frank Bruno,

Holmes beat Norton,****ey,Shavers

Lummox beat old fat drug addict Tucker,Old washed up drug addict Tyson,old Holyfield,old Ray Mercer,drug addict HIV positive Morrison etc

Lummox has no legacy.

And you asked if I stalk fighters and perform services for them? No but I did do some research. It just seems like a strange coincedence that most of Lewis opponents were at great disadvantages when he chose to fight them.
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