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Default Re: My sparring video

You cross your feet and bring them together far too often. Many times when you slip or duck a punch, you are not in a position to punch back. You have to make those moves on your feet, and sync them up with your punching mechanics. For example...
A couple times you slip outside his jab but you do it by bending at the waist and leaning over. You avoid the punch but cannot do anything from there. You want to do it this way: Drop your right foot flat and turn your weight onto that leg by pivoting on your left toe. That is the same motion as throwing a left hook. It gets you out of the way of his jab, which you can counter with a hook thrown as you slip. Or you can follow his jab back with your own jab because your weight is now in a spot that allows you to push off your right foot. Or you can follow his jab home with a right hand over his left shoulder: Once again, because your weight is in a position to allow that.
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