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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez 4 ****ysis/Possible Outcomes

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
Have to disagree with your premise. In the 3rd fight, Manny was looking to counter JMM and likely expected him to come out throwing long strings of combinations. Roach said in the lead up to that fight "we're going to counter-punch the counter-puncher, Nacho knows it, and there's nothing he can do about it." When JMM circled laterally, took the angle away from Manny, and Manny didn't oblige him with more than a few short 1-1-2's, Marquez took the initiative and landed with lead rights and lefts while ducking under. When JMM initiates offensively on his terms and stays responsible, there's little Manny can do besides hope to land a right hook and pray the right hand he might be eating simultaneously isn't harder. And Manny isn't going to fool Juan into that, and he's not going to fight like Chris John.

Countering Juan and catching him may be an option, but it's only going to come about if Manny uses feints, lot's of offensive movements, and mixes up his offense better. But JMM leading will probably upset that and make Manny nervous in the second half again. He can lead better than Manny can counter, and he's not going to follow Pac on his own.
You misunderstood. I'm not saying to box in the center of the ring with JMM, its obvious JMM will win that and I already stated that. I'm saying, fight off the backfoot so that JMM will be thrown off his counterpunching game by being the man who has to close the distance and launch the assault.

IMO countering although is primarily to "counter" punches, you can also counter movements. What Pac was doing was trying to close the range, and even if he wasn't throwing and he tries to lunge in, close the distance, JMM sees that threat and counters it immediately before Pac can even get his punches off. So he was pre-empting Pac AND countering Pac in the occasion that Pac throws first. Both of these things can be taken away if he has to be the guy chasing, again, ie chasing Chris John.

it will be much easier for Pac to counter JMM, walk him into a left hand if JMM is the one walking towards Pac. I dont mean stand in the center of the ring within JMM's range so JMM can land at will, but actually backpedal and let JMM come to Pac thus Pacquiao can concentrate on landing those punches to an incoming target rather than one moving away.
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