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Default Re: CAN 50 CENT turn ANDRE DIRRELL (aka the Froch slayer) into a crossover star?

Originally Posted by Bulletproof View Post
By enourage I mean Dirrell has to actually get in the ring and not just be part of the pack. I personally think Dirrell has more physical ability and technical skill than Ward. I just question his desire. If Dirrell had the same attitude and dedication as Ward, I think he could beat him. Talent only gets you so far though and I see 50 and his "promoting" as a ****ing side show. Kind of like if Bob Arum started making mixtapes. Dirrell has signed up to be part of the show so let's see what happens....
That's important. I see what you mean. Andre has to keep active in order to make the most out of his talents. He's at this time in his physical prime but he's had only a taste of ELITE level experience that he needs to progress to that next level.

I would agree with you on your assertion about Dirrell having more talent, athletic ability and skills than Ward. The difference is Ward is mentally strong and operates with a higher ring IQ. Dirrell could be every bit as good as Ward, if not better if he can mature as a boxer and apply his craft consistently. He's been shelved for a while and needs to knock some of that rust off.

I disagree with how you view 50 as a promoter. He's got the business savvy and experience to adapt, adjust and conform in order to make his business ventures successful. His drama with Floyd and how it's been plastered all over the web definitely made it a circus....but the things he's done in the short amount of time as a "Boxing Promoter" is incredible.

Look...he's signed 3 or 4 blue chip fighters...he's gotten a couple of his fighters on high profile PPV events...he's attained one of the best boxing trainers in the game and has a world class gym operating in boxing's main town, Las Vegas. He's done all this in UNDER 6 months. 50's serious about this boxing promoting thing. If he won't be from a lack of effort that's for sure.

If he succeeds.......A lot of boxing promoters are going to be on notice because Fif is young blood in a world of Old money. We could see Golden Boy, 50, PAC, Cotto and Floyd as the new boxing promoters for the future.
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