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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez 4 ****ysis/Possible Outcomes

Originally Posted by dangerousity View Post
To me Pac is 1-1-1, I can honestly say I scored those with 0 bias and tried to be as objective as possible. Even if Pac had won 3-0, IMO given Pac's performances against other opponents, HE SHOULD beat JMM easy.

This is a guy who destroyed MAB, MAB went tooth and nail with JMM. Floyd whitewashed JMM, Cotto gave Floyd a tough fight, Pac destroyed Cotto. Guys that JMM struggle with, MAB, Juan Diaz, Katsidis (not really but still a war) - Pac would destroy them.

What I'm saying is, Pac-JMM is very close because of the stylistic matchup. On paper Pac should beat him handily, but as is the case, JMM gives him the toughest fight out there and thats simply down to "styles makes fights". So yea I understand JMM is using his best style against Pac's best style, but what if the dynamics were to change and Pac uses a different style forcing JMM to use a different style. Now if "styles makes fights", and we got a different styles/gameplan, then maybe that style will work in Pac's favour, or JMM's.

Personally, I think if Pac got on his bike, he would get a CLEAR decision over JMM. It will be a boring fight but thats the price you pay for a clear victory sometimes. Then again, I could be wrong and judges just score it all for JMM for being the aggressor.
I just don't see that working for Pac. Sure, I guess Pac can fight off the back foot if he wanted to, but for that to actually work against someone like JMM, you can't just be competent at it, you have to be actually really really good at it, and I just don't think Pac is good enough at it to work against JMM.

IMO, (not including round 1 of the 1st fight) the toughest time JMM had with Pac was in the 2nd fight when Pac was aggressive and effective enough for his feints to prevent JMM from dictating the rhythm, resulting in a fight where no one was ever truly in control and it was a back and forth affair. By the 3rd fight, either JMM had either truly figured Pac out or Pac just wasn't aggressive enough (or a little of both) and JMM was able to control the rhythm of the fight.

Against a lesser fighter, I can see Pac having success baiting his opponent and engaging at his discretion, but not against JMM. As was mentioned earlier, JMM is more disciplined, more experienced and simply better at it compared to Pac.
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