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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by JeanPaulValley View Post
Tyson should have happened before Lewis stepped aside.
Of course. But everyone in the boxing world, almost to a man, wanted to see it in a year you are saying it shouldn't have happened. Deluded.

The so called "phantom punch" clearly landed flush on the chin as seen in the "when we were kings" documentary.

Foreman drugged? Yeah that's why Ali said "George had me out on my feet but didn't know it."-Ali's autobiography.
Foreman punched himself out. Foreman was up at 8 and today,the fight would have continued but he had nothing left anyway.
i'm not arguing these things, I'm saying that you can find detailed, documented "articles" that say they are true. There is a whole book about Liston diving to Ali. It's called Night Train. It's the kind of thing you'd be on here spouting verbatim if Ali was the focus of your obsession rather than Lewis.

Lummox could have fought David Tua when he was 225 pounds,instead he waited until Tua was 250. Ha! Classic Lennox.
That's...more stupidity, really. Tua was fighting for the International WBC belt the last time he was 225lbs. Then he got beaten by Ibeabuchi (16-0). Tua would see 225lbs one more time - in beating Rahman - the fight that rehabilitated him as a contender. Only after his victory over Rahman was Tua anything like in Lewis territory. And Lewis spanked him within two years. It is literally impossible for me to see this fight coming off at any other time.

Lummox Lewis has no legacy.
Ridiculous. He's a two-time HW champion of the world, beat every man he ever faced, beat more contenders than all but a handful of heavyweights and is a lock on most top 10 HW lists on this forum.

His legacy is airtight.

What is his signature win?
What is Carloz Zarate's?

What is Mike Tyson's?

What is Midget Wolgast's?

And by the way,even if the Tyson-Lewis fan was wanted by casual fans who dont know ****,beating old drug additc Tyson means nothing.
Beating the #2 HW in the world always "means something."

What is wrong with you?
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