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Default Re: Punching power is "all attitude" - your thoughts?

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
i think some truth to all of this...but it is also a athletic physical exercise...we wouldnt say that being able to run a sub 10 second 100 meters is ALL attitude.
Clearly. I meant at the world.class level where, with the exception of someone of Ricardo Mayorga, everyone had elite athleticism and technique.

Originally Posted by orriray59 View Post
I think what he probably meant was an attitude to actual punching. I find that if you aim to punch through your target, rather than punch at your target, you generate more force.
Which leads to-

Originally Posted by Nightcrawler View Post
that would make sense. or almost a committment to punching, which i think is wicked important. fighters like marciano, tyson, hearns, etc. threw punches with the intent of hurting, not scoring.
Bingo! A guy like Harold Johnson could, and did, really hurt guys. But he didn't have the 'commitment to punching' of some other guys. To be a powerpuncher, there is a certain attitude in addition to obvious technical issues (which I might say are informed by attitude instead of vice versa).

Of course being a mean son of a bitch helps.
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