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Default Re: Sonny Liston Vs. Mike Tyson. Do you see this goin the distance?

Originally Posted by TheSouthpaw View Post
Could Sonny keep Mike at bay with that jab and his strength , Or would Tyson find a way to jump on Liston early and do some serious damage. I do believe that if anyone goes down its Sonny for sure, but keep in mind if Tyson couldnt make Sonny miss with that great defense Iron Mike had, Tyson would be gettin hit with some pretty big shots. Or do they stay cautious and decide not to trade shot for shot do you see it goin the distance in a 12 rounder?

Tyson would have the edge on speed,so his best chance would be to jump on Liston and knock him out within five rounds or so. If this attempt fails,I see Liston softening Mike up with his jab and getting the kayo,himself.
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