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Default Re: past prime hof fighters who has never been DOMINATED

Originally Posted by mjl916 View Post
so i was thinking that some of these past prime hof fighters that were never ever dominated.was always in the fight. lost but ALWAYS competitive. heres a few names.

current pacman
current floyd
etc etc

the list of past prime fighters that were completely dominated includes
etc etc

does this say anything about the skills of a fighter?
De La Hoya was dominated by Pacquiao, Marquez was dominated by Mayweather.

Kostya Tszyu was never dominated.

You could argue George Foreman also. Ali was doing way better off-the-ropes than revisionist history would tell you, from round 2 on, but saying he "dominated" Foreman would be a stretch. Young-Foreman was competitive. The Holyfield fight was reasonably competitive, no domination. I haven't seen the Schulz fight in years but from what I remember, Schulz deserved the win but it wasn't a "domination". Briggs got a gift against Big George. Morrison? Ehh, that's the best argument I suppose.
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