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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Rocky was far greater than all of the men that beat Vlad in fact some of the men Rocky beat were greater than the men that beat Vlad, however I do recognize an improvement in Vlad and he is getter better with each fight.

Vlad has some great advantages and size is one of them but I am afraid that even with the size difference Rocky would always be greater than Brewster, and Purity and hit harder, Sanders was an avoided and dangerous guy, Big Southpaw with fast hands and he may have also been able to upset Lennox Lewis with some actual conditioning and the element of surprise but all 3 are far away from what Marciano would bring,relentless Aggression, one punch power and heart.

While I do recognize that Vlad is one of the 3 best Big men to fight and the experience he has gained in his last 15 fights there would be other important factors in this fight, the distance 15 round? and are we plucking Marciano out of a decade from over 60 years ago where training to make weight was important for even a heavyweight that had to fight championship rounds and if so can we also be fair enough to reverse-evolve Vlad to an era 60 years ago where some of the modern weight training and weight gaining and muscle building did not exist ...either way this is not an easy fight for either man prime vs prime..Vlad has an excellent rhythm over 12 rounds and a GREAT defense but Marciano was one of the greatest Rhythm breakers with his unorthodox punching which was one of his underrated talents especially against the defensive wizards and he could always land a right hand like he did vs Rex Layne or Walcott or a hook like he dropped Charles and Matthews and Moore, and Marciano was a danger for 15 rounds, yes these were smaller men but a chin is a chin and this fight would be a super fight in Rocky's era or present...
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