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Default Re: Punching power is "all attitude" - your thoughts?

Originally Posted by Surf-Bat View Post
It can't hurt, I guess. But I don't think it's much of a factor. If it were then Ace Hudkins, Mysterious Billy Smith, Ad Wolgast and Chuck Wiggins would be the most devastating hitters in boxing history and Max Baer, Mike Weaver and Alexis Arguello couldn't pop a balloon.
Its my fault for using an ambiguous word. I didn't mean attitude as in temperament- I meant attitude as in intent. Pure meanness has very little to do with the attitude of a puncher. Its a commitment, like a home run hitter in baseball,

Originally Posted by brnxhands View Post
All attitude. No. Genetics an structure.
That's just not true. Look at my Harold Johnson example earlier- Johnson was made out of steel and concrete and was quick to boot. When he.wanted to Jr could crack, as in the Andrews fight. The guy hurt Doug Jones more than Foster did and Foster landed solid. But stylistically, consciously, Johnson wasn't a puncher. He choose not to be one.
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