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Default What weight will Pac and JMM come in at today?

People keep saying JMM put on too much muscle and will come in too heavy yet he says he will be no more than 143 to retain his speed. Do you think that is the case or is this a mind game so Pac comes in light then JMM comes in heavy and try to muscle him around more?

I had thoughts about this the other day. JMM will never be faster than Pac but he can be heavier than him. In the 3rd fight JMM outweighed Pac by a few pounds I believe and Pac was not too thrilled to be trading with JMM like he had been before.

I am going to guess JMM comes in at 146 to use the weight to his advantage.
Pac will come in at 142-143 to use speed.

This could be a mistake in JMMs part though if he was not able to maintain his speed.
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