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Rory is the safest bet of the year.

Just got a funny feeling BJ is gonna' go steaming into Rory and blitz him. Probably nostalgia. But let's not forget that Rory had to tale Che Mills down. BJ is a different animal on the ground and early on his TDD is bloody good.

If he can keep it stood up long enough and get round Rory's reach (his striking game is pretty gawky in general, advantage for Penn despite size difference) and attack him with aplomb enough, he can do it.

It'll have to be early. BJ doesn't have it in him to do a Condit especially when you consider that MacDonald is likely much better now.

Still , don't think the Rory of the Nate fight will categorically finish BJ. Not over 3.

Still...part head, part heart isn't enough. Rory will take over in 2nd and 3rd for a comfortable decision. Then hopefully take on some real sharks.

Maia-Fitch winner, Erick Silva after he beats Hieron, and hey, Hendricks can't really sit out a whole year can he?

If not, Ellenberger should be good for a round to try and take this phenom's head off.

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