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Default Re: Who ye got? Marquez vs. Pacquiao?

Originally Posted by Beeston Brawler View Post
Worryingly from Pac's point of view, whilst he looked better against Bradley, he didn't look sufficiently better, considering the shift in his favour in terms of the stylistic matchup compared to against Marquez.

I think that Marquez just has his number, and to be honest Manny did well to make the first two fights as close as they were.

The 3rd was terribly one-sided. The 4th will follow similar lines I fear.
I see a close fight again as usual, with Marquez getting the W.

But we all know one punch changes a fight, and Manny does have it.

He has had Marquez down before a few times, but Marquez always came back. I just think Marquez knows Pacquiao inside and out, literally. He knows the inside game and the outside game. And there were times in the 3rd fight where Pacquiao looked clueless because Marquez kept switching it up, and it was confusing.

One thing is for sure, if Manny is to win this fight, IMO, he has to KO Marquez out for good....but I can see a Marquez SD or even another draw more likely than Pacquiao knocking Marquez out cold.

Sticking money on this fight is mad, I'm not a betting man, but I feel sorry for those that are. A lot of money will be made, but equally a lot is going to be lost.
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