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Default Re: ESB Brit Forum Poster of the Year

Originally Posted by qwert View Post
Added. Plus yourself PK. We're gonna have to narrow it down to 10 based on votes, cause that's all the poll options ESB's servers can handle.
I don't think i have been particular good this year, i don't think i should be on that list......."I have somewhat degenerated around here".

I would say that my high point, was the build up to Chad Dawson vs Bernard Hopkins II.

Well i really did enjoy these forums, in the aftermath of Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson I, and the build up to the rematch in the British forum and more so the General forum.

Because most people in the British forum wanted to talk about **** fights, and boring fighters.

I think Phill Mitchell has been the best poster of the year, he has made the biggest impact by far.

From my observation.

Lazuras sp*..? Is boring and abit of a ****bag aswell to be honest, he is meant to be a big Amir Khan fan..? But i have been one of very few posters on this whole forum, who have actually defended Amir Khan, and spoke the truth about the institutionalist racism, that Amir Khan suffers from.
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