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Default Re: Wlad's hero is a British fighter.

Its safe to say that Richard Towers won't really challenge the big boys domestically or World Wide...? With this type of attitude.

I could not help but notice how..? He seems to be in total aur of Wladimr Kiltschko, he seems to be taking it abit too far.

Beyond normal behaviour for somebody who wants to be the best.

I am sure David Haye admired allot of fighters, but i bet you he could switch his Personality/Mindset in a instant.

If you want to win or get the best out of yourself. You have to be ruthless, you have to be extremely selfish! extremely brutal.

David Haye did it up against Audley Harrison..? What i am trying to emphasise, is how David Haye turned on somebody who was a mentor and friend to him, a inspiration as a young fighter/man.

And if he had to, i personally believe..? he would do it to any of these other fighters being all matey matey with him.

David Price
Carl Froch


If they challenged him..? Listen its personal, life is personal.

Note: I just feel like Richard Towers has to stop praising these other guys, and just think about himself.
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