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Default Re: I like Barrera, BUT

Originally Posted by Imperial1 View Post
I lived in that era ..Come on now ..And didn't HBO report the same thing about Paul Williams and Antonio Margarito at one point ..I mean I highly doubt Morales and Barrera were afraid of Marquez .

And its Max Kellerman talking about how Morales relentlessly ducked the likes of Marquez of all people ..Honestly who really believes that ..Marquez was not doing himself any favors with his wins and losses .
Its a fact MAB did duck JMM!
MAB went up from 122 lbs to fight Hamed at 126 lbs.
Marquez had called out the winner and after MAB beat Hamed, it was all over the spanish papers and news stations of Marquez' desire to fight MAB just fresh out of whipping Hamed.

When word got out to MAB, in a way to dismiss the callout he say's that 126 lbs was'nt his true weight and that he was likely to go back down to 122 lbs again.

Of course that never happend, he claiming that was just a way to not have to answer why he was'nt considering Juan Manuel Marquez.

With Morales, Arum was the promoter of both he and Marquez, and since Morales name appeal was bigger and the fans were excited over the Morales-MAB rivalry, he did'nt want to risk Morales losing to Marquez and diminishing Morales' name which he worked to build up.

The story goes on and on.......When Marquez was negotiating to rematch Pacquiao for fight 2, Arum never made Marquez a serious offer for that rematch because Morales was fresh out of having lost fight 3 with MAB and his stock took a tumble because of it.

What better way than to build Morales stock right back to where it was before the MAB 3 loss than for Arum to have his cash cow Morales thrown in to fight the fighter that bloodgeoned MAB?????? Thats right, Pacquiao.

Arum negotiated instead for Morales to fight Pacquiao and threw JMM under the bus by saying he overpriced himself, when the fact was Arum was trying to rebuild his cash cow allready having lost to MAB.

I'm fine with what Arum did, he afterall is looking after himself. But I'm not fine with people pointing to Marquez and saying he ducked Pacquiao and did'nt want to rematch him right away after their first fight.
Thats just not the case.
Team Marquez was highly mad at Arum and looking for ways to break away from him after Arum gave the Pacquiao fight to Morales.
Arum having done that postponed the JMM-Pacquiao rematch 4 years, because during that span Morales and Pacquiao fought 3 times against eachother with JMM during this time frame being ignored.

Btw, the reason JMM went to Indonesia to fight John was so he could break free from his contract with Arum.
JMM vs John went up to purse bids and none of the American promoters offered a bid on the fight.
There was one more fight remaining on JMM's contract with Arum, and the only way to get it out of the way was to fight John in Indonesia.

It was a bad move to go to Indonesia to fight John in literally his backyard with his own judges and referee. But that how desperate Marquez was to rid himself of Bob Arum.

It turns out it was'nt that bad of a decision afterall as JMM then went on to sign with GBP who did work with him to get him better fights.
I'll say GBP did an outstanding job with JMM, and Marquez is grateful to them.
MAB on the other hand is not. He's still mad at GBP for forcing him to fight JMM in an eliminator to land the Pacquiao fight.

Those are just some of the facts my friend!
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