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Default Re: ESB Brit Forum Poster of the Year

Ok, I'll reply to this and then I am done with this already ridiculous conversation. I'm hungover, I need some sleep.

Originally Posted by Jonsey View Post
put it this way would you go into your office on monday morning and say hats are gay to somebody wearing a hat?
Of course I would! It's a ****ing joke and completely ridiculous as a statement. It's like saying "Brown shoes are gay!" It's nonsensical.

If I attacked someone because they had a hat on and that meant they were gay, well that would be pretty a) stupid and b) offensive.

and i just dont see whats gay about hats. in the context of the discussion, i thought it was offensive.
There is nothing gay about hats. It's just a stupid throwaway remark based on how upset you got over being accused of wearing a hat.

my issue is you made a comment about me hating gay people which is completely false and a pretty childish accusation to throw out. why would somebody whos not bothered by me, go out of there way to tarnish my name?
I'm not going out of my way. Don't be a drama queen. But you have several times gone on about how you find gays repulsive and that they are against God's will. Regardless of your religious beliefs, THAT is an offensive statement.

to be clear, just because i take issue with being called gay, that doesn't mean I hate gays.
You have the most wonderfully selective memory.
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