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Default Re: Broners Dad admits Ricky Burns is the champion at lightweight, dismisses Demarco

Originally Posted by Michael300 View Post
I have watched Broner's last few fights now, and actually rewatched the DeMarco fight yesterday; I have to say that whilst he is undoubtedly good I don't quite see what all the fuss is about..........yet.

If someone is going to imitate another boxer they could do far worse than Mayweather, but someone would have to be very special to emulate his style and make a success of it.

Broner clearly bases his style on Mayweather, I see no problem with this, but I just don't think he has shown us enough yet to assume he is the next big thing.

Watching the DeMarco fight did not give me any reason to think Burns cannot beat him.

I'm not saying Burns will beat him if they meet, although I am with him at the moment, but whatever hapens I really do not think it is the foregone conclusion that many will have us believe either.
good post.

Burns has the tools and ring smarts to beat Broner. Broner looks awsome only if you let him, i mean if if you fight at his range. Broner's fast, flashy and quite hard to hit but thats all within his range, his footwork's average, his mobility around the ring is ****. Burns has the bigger reach and superior footwork so he should use those tools to his advantage imo. Broner's also not really that hard to hit giving his 'the new mayweather' tag. If Burns fights like Demarco did then he'll probably get chopped up just like Demarco but if he's smart and keeps it long with a high work rate then he makes it very interesting. If this fights made it will be a great stylistic match-up, plus both are very tough dudes. ****ing great fight imo.

The people on here who think Broner ****s Burns are boxing re****s. Burns is far too smart to let that **** happen, there is no way in hell Broner does a Demarco on Ricky Burns! 50/50 fight!
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