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Default Re: ESB Brit Forum Poster of the Year

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
Ok, I'll reply to this and then I am done with this already ridiculous conversation. I'm hungover, I need some sleep.

Of course I would! It's a ****ing joke and completely ridiculous as a statement. It's like saying "Brown shoes are gay!" It's nonsensical.

If I attacked someone because they had a hat on and that meant they were gay, well that would be pretty a) stupid and b) offensive.

There is nothing gay about hats. It's just a stupid throwaway remark based on how upset you got over being accused of wearing a hat.

I'm not going out of my way. Don't be a drama queen. But you have several times gone on about how you find gays repulsive and that they are against God's will. Regardless of your religious beliefs, THAT is an offensive statement.

You have the most wonderfully selective memory.
I have NEVER EVER said anything about finding gays repulsive or thats its going against Gods will. Seriously find me the posts where I say that and I will leave this forum forever. Thats actually complete an utter bull**** lies.

Your the one with a selective memory or your just telling complete lies. which kind of goes to show you do give a ****.

seriously. that has actually ****ed me off because I have never and would never say anything like that and don't think anything close to that. the opinion that I gave on gay people is that i dont feel they can share the same kind of bond/love that a hetro***ual couple has. there was never anything about them being repulsive or going against Gods will.

seriously stop talking ****.
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