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Default Re: Broners Dad admits Ricky Burns is the champion at lightweight, dismisses Demarco

Nothing changes does it?

I said it before, I'll say it again, Burns-Broner? Broner: Easy work.

The Ricky Burns fanclub swore blind that Broner is nout special and that Burns will smash Broner. But most of them also claimed that De Marco was no easy fight, and no forgone conclusion.

I predicted easy work, and got hounded for it as usual....and I was still wrong, it was EASIER than even I thought it would be!

The Burns fanclub havent got a lot to cling onto now, they are loosing it one by one. Broner then schools De Marco....."Broner is still ****" etc etc

Broner has the WBC strapped around his waist, and he has the perfect politics surrounding him. This fight happens in America, it is a Vegas fight. It aint got **** all to do with Broner coming over here, at the end of the day, the WBC is a more prestigious and important belt than the strap Ricky has got.

If the fight happens, it should happen in America. For lots of reasons already provided, the main one being, this is prizefighting, and this is where the money is.

So Burns fanclub, PLEASE stop clinging onto the, "Broner wont come here" ****, its desperate. He doesnt come here, because the fight shouldnt be here and deep down you all know it.
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