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Default Re: Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez IV live streaming weigh-in @ 5:30pm EST

Originally Posted by Knickerbocker View Post
the important thing is they made the weight....
The potentially significant thing (not to over****yze ) is that Marquez didn't even try to approach the 147 ceiling. 4 pounds under the limit, only one heavier than last time. It's also only three more than against Fedchenko, less than half the jump seven would've been.

Marquez most certainly incorporated strength training into his regimen - he always does, and you could tell by looking at him even without knowing that - but he's truly not of the mind that bulky mass gets the job done. He's cut up, robust and toned - but not huge. He's obviously aiming to preserve his same quickness and sharpness and unrestricted freedom of movement that he had this past April, and last November, and the little bit on display last July. He's now built himself up into a full-fledged light welterweight (and probably would've made that limit easily and gladly if this contest had called for it) unlike the bloated mess he was against Mayweather when he tried to fast-track it and went about it the wrong way.

Also, Pac - same career-high as against Bradley. No matter how you scored it, you can't say he looked too hot that night carrying that bit of pudge...
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