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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

The legend of Harold Howard that infamous stare, that legendary promo, a sport is born

They have a saying back home, if you are coming on...Come on!

from the start the odds are stacked against Dubble H, he's fighting a home town guy, another case of the infamous Gracie matchmaking. But that matters little to harold, he has a system

His first opponent, Roland Payne, fights something called moo tie. But by the looks of him and his shorts which seem to be Yarbourough cast offs, he isnt much of a threat more of an insult to a man which the fighting prowess and epic sunglasses of Dubble H.

In his white vest and Gi matching Gi pants that Versace himself couldnt have look more stylish in, Dubble H looks a majestic an menacing sight. Payne (Oh the irony) must have good khama due to the fact that he chose dark shorts...

Anyway.. the fight...Rolly polly shoots for a take down, but he doesnt know, that Harold Clarence Howard has a system. In a grappling exchange that is two fast for the untrained eye to see, HH lets Payne, take him down, land a few unanswered head shots, thensprings back to his feet and puts his back against the cage to give poor Rolly a small semblance of hope. That's Double H for you, always taking before he gives.

Rolly lands a hard knee to the belly, big mistake. Harold swings and inside left that had Mike Tyson taking notes following but an inside with wide right that's impossable to see with the naked eye, then another, then another, then another, and down goes Payne!

Harold, towering over the cage like Godzilla in Lilliput, made the home town guy tap out in front of his home town crowd

And a sport is born. Kimo wasnt even religious until he saw Howard fight
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