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Default Re: Fight that never happened 2007: Jermain Taylor vs Edison Miranda

Originally Posted by WatchfortheHook View Post

What's up? Did I not explain everything clearly in what you quoted?

Originally Posted by WatchfortheHook View Post
I didn't make the poll public. How would you see this fight, IB?
I actually haven't voted yet. It's tough to say, because the Miranda of that night definitely wasn't "up" for Pavlik the way he would've been for Taylor.

If we pit, say, the Miranda that fought Green against the Taylor that fought Ouma instead - then we've got the makings of a very challenging but manageable title defense for Taylor. Despite some of the lasting images of him that endure in our minds, I don't think Taylor's chin is any worse than Green's really. I also don't think Miranda would've given him the same puzzling looks that an Ouma did - or throw quite as much leather at him. Taylor was still close to his Hopkins-thwarting self and was a master ring general, and the sometimes high-strung boxing that failed him against the more patient breed of predator in Pavlik could serve him against the more basic straightforward aggression of a prime, KO-hungry Miranda.

I can see both guys knocking each other down. (Miranda chucking something in while Taylor's trying to navigate by with his back facing a corner, or Taylor with a quick well-placed counter on the button)

Both have some questionable stamina.

It could've been a bumpy ride from 10-12.

In the end, I go with Taylor on points...but a Miranda late kayo can't be called a bad pick.
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