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Default Re: This Oscar would have murdered Pac and Floyd on the same night

Originally Posted by dlts20 View Post
you do realize that he argubaly lost his very next fight to Quartey, he lost again 2 fights later to Tito, and got his butt whooped 2 fights later to Shane.

Lets also be real, Oscar is the naturally much bigger man. He should win the fights but he wouldnt, atleast not against Floyd.

Just because you beat a 100 year old Chavez automatically means you beat a prime Floyd or Pac? No way

First off, a semi washed up Oscar gave Floyd fits and had Roger telling Floyd "don't worry about this, we will catch up in the later rounds" LOL Floyd barely got past that oscar. My gawd, prime Oscar rips his fukin head off.
The other bull**** you're spitting is ridiculous. Oscar BEAT quartey, outlanded him and knocked him down more and destroyed him in the most important round of the fight earning that victory. Give the man his fukin credit.
As for Tito, the whole world knows Oscar won that fight 8-4. At absolutely worst 7-5 so your point is irrelevant.

And mosley, are you fukin mad? Their first fight was extremely close, oscar took the first half of the fight 4-2 and gassed out the last couple rounds dropping a 115-113 to prime Mosley, yes the same Mosley that would ALSO TEAR FLOYD and PAC's head off.
ANd lets not forget oscar beat mosley in their second fight when he actually fought with a gameplan. A roided up, prime Mosley.

Pac and ********** are complete shams. Made names off beating washed up greats.

Oscar, Mosley both destroy those 2. Floyd and Pac would not see the 12th round. My gawd, Pac can't even get by Marquez. Floyd had to sucker punch his way out of a fight with Ortiz once the going got rough. Floyd's only KO in how many years?
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