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Default Re: I a trainer revealed a secret dive before death

Originally Posted by ripcity View Post
1983! Wow it sounds like he could have given Moses a run for the money.
Once the Leonard/Britton fight was brought up I tried to find information to conferm rather or not it was the right answer. One site I found, and I don't have the link. Suguests that Britton claimed the knockdown was a foul, but the reff and everyone else who saw the punch saw it as clean. During the count Leonard it Britton who slumped down. It suguests that Britton was also in on the fix. In some way or another.
It was by all accounts a legitimate solar plexus shot that dropped Britton.
Leonard would have been WARNED at the most if it was just a foul shot in the labonza . So Leonard to "follow orders", had no other choice but to
foul out Britton who might not have beaten the 10 count...
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