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Default Re: ESB Brit Forum Poster of the Year

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
I think we need some balance on the forum.

As part of my wonderful campaign "Cleaning up the Board", I think we should create an "ESB Brit Forum Worst Poster of the Year"....with the winner being forced to leave the forum for good.

10 nominations will be accepted, and then another thread will be created with a poll to vote for the 10 nominees. The poll will be a weeks long and then the one with the most votes will be evicted from the big brother house.

Luckily, I can sit confident and comfortably, that I wont even be considered for that list, as I am one, if not the most, loved poster on the forum.

I love you all to.
If we made that award it'd be you and it's not even close
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