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Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
You did say that - although I'm pretty sure you didn't say you "hated" gays - that was me exaggerating for comedic effect. It was during one of the, frankly tedious, religious debates you wound up. You got ****y because someone called you gay, you said it was unnatural and against God's will, etc.

I can't be bothered searching through the reams of your posts to prove something I remember you writing. It just doesn't matter that much. You're not good at expressing yourself so maybe you wrote it in a way that was easy to misinterpret. It happens.

But for someone who used to make up purse numbers and TV ratings, it's a little rich you accusing anyone of lying.
comedic you honestly think you made anybody laugh? and do you really find it funny to exaggerate about such a serious claim?

I have never said anything about gay people being repulsive, and i have never said its unnatural, although i have read scientific evidence that says being *******ual is a genetic defect. *******uality is against my religious beliefs and i stated that is part of the reason why i don't like to be called Gay....when asked. another reason is that i think its a silly thing to call someone, especially when the people calling me gay then got so up in arms about my religious beliefs being anti *******ual. similar to what you did in this thread actually. you called me gay and then 5 minutes later you objecting strongly to something you believe to be ****phobic. its a bit like making anti semetic joke and then objecting to the BNP.

if those debates were so tedius why on earth did you take part in them?

i admit i am not good at representing my opinions on paper/typed. i get quite frustrated on here sometimes because i know face to face the debates I have with people would go a different way. what you fail to recognise about yourself is that your obsessed with your own opinion. everybody that doesnt think the way you do is wrong and stupid. ive never once see you change your mind in a debate on here, or look at any subject objectively. of course you will deny this because your blinded by your own self importance. but please don't make false distorted statements about me and my views, but it is what i should expect from a bias left wing fool.

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