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Default Re: The next PPV star will have to beat Mayweather or Pac

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Get it through your heads - boxing doesn't need a PPV star.

It doesn't need any stars, period.

They're all well and nice, but not really necessary.

Boxing isn't going anywhere if there isn't a marquee name that people outside of hardcore fandom recognize.

Those of you who think so, live in a weird fantasy world. You're probably the same type who succumb to irrational celebrity worship and follow the tabloids religiously.

Think for a minute about how much ****ing boxing there is. Go to Boxrec, and tab through day-by-day and see how many ****ing cards there are around the world on a given week, in a given month, in a given year. A handful involve big stars. A tiny, minuscule sliver of all the boxing that exists is contested between household names.

Promoters will continue to promote the sport and make a profit from it on various levels (from local scrubs with 5-3 records duking it out without any cameras present in pubs, to regional-grade prospects in showcases on limited-availability networks such as SNY and the like, to ESPN2 FNF, up to ShoBox and HBO BAD & WCB...) no matter who the top "pound for pound" talents are, or how much PPV $ they generate, or whether there even is any PPV...

The entire financial infrastructure of boxing as a business - of staging events where pugilists go head to head for prize money in front of an audience under the Queensbury rules - isn't going to vanish or collapse just because of the absence of big flashy PPV events or the stars to push them. Only a tiny minority of all the promoters, managers, trainers, and boxers in the business ever get a taste of all that money anyway. Combined they represent a negligible fraction of the sport.

Do people really not understand this?
I beg to differ, every sport needs stars, they are the ambassadors and drivers of the dreams of young men and women. They set the standards fpr excellence and they draw attention to the sport in ways no average fighter can.I understand what you'er saying in that boxing won't die,but it won't flourish either.
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