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Default Re: ESB Brit Forum Poster of the Year

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
I will wear my title, whatever it may be, loud and f*cking proud. Thank you very much you bunch of iriots.

As long as its nout to do with gays.....because this thread turned itself into a gay debate, for reasons unknown, it was supposed to be about poster of the year, so I can only suspect someone in here is, and they got seriously turned on by the accusation.

Whoever smelt it dealt it, whoever dealt it felt it, so to speak....

If that little boy SPB wins this award, he is gay.

Originally Posted by ollyc View Post
TFFP. He doesn't post nearly as frequently as he once did, but he's always on the money when he posts.

Dftaylor should figure, if only for the fact that he seems to upset Rob so much.

Nods to Fleaman, Kosaros & Gaz.

Icemax's refusal to acknowledge David Price as the saviour of mankind rules him out of contention. Ditto Skill's refusal to accept George Groves as 'the truth' costs hims my vote.
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