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Default Re: Can Oscar de La Hoya beat Duran at at 147. In there primes?

Originally Posted by PhillyPhan69 View Post
Still think that for some crazy reason you are arguing both sides is to prolong the life of "YOUR THREAD"?

Either way, I have no problem w/ a Duran pick and think going in he would clearly be the favorite...But to destroy him in 6 is one of the unlikely results which we could excpect?

1st DLH has not during his prime years (or his peak years @ WW) been destroyed. He has certainly shown conditioning, fatigue concerns where he slows down as a fight progresses...But he has shown to be pretty durable.

2nd Duran, not during his ww days from 78-81, did not destroy mediocre guys in 6 rounds or less...

He beat
Wheatly (7-2-0) in 6
Nsubuga (15-1-0) in 4
Obando (0-3-0) in 2

Unless there is a certain style weakness for DLH, a stoppage within 6 is not the most likely scenerio. Duran went 9(4)-1 during this time frame where most of his opponents and all of his top ones went the distance with him....Perhaps if this goes 15 Duran could stop him...inside of 12, the most likely scenerio is this goes to the cards.

looking through the thread very few comparitively are picking DLH. Duran is the favorite, but DLH gets my underdog pick!
Im not prolonging anything Philly, dont be a I do agree with you, unless there is some kind of unseen weakness a stoppage within 6 isnt very likely. Either way this would have been one for the books my man.
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