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Default Re: ESB Brit Forum Poster of the Year

Skillspaybills aka Mand. Not sure much reasoning is required, its pretty obvious why he's good.

Boxing****yst is consistent and from my viewpoint he thinks about the game in an impressive way, I just think he has to elaborate more to shine through, that's the only thing. That's why Skills is going to pick up a lot of votes here and why people like Flea, slip&counter and gooners were/are top notch. You gotta post consistently to get this kind of 'accolade' IMO, but you're better off posting 15 a day that are thought out, ****ytical posts rather than 25 where you rushed it just to get an opinion out there.

I think the standard has picked up in the last few months, its mostly pretty good even though I mostly read now, quite a few guys I hadn't heard of that seem to have their head screwed on and I'd echo a few of the names mentioned. To be honest though it ain't really about what the opinion is, its the quality/effort going into the post that makes all the difference to the forum. It doesn't matter if people have the most senseless illogical viewpoint (subjectively) as long as the post isn't one or two sentences with no substantiation. Thats what hurts, it kills debate and encourages similar practice since there is no real encouragement for reasoned responses.
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