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Default Re: More and more fans are predicting Marquez to stop Pacquiao

Originally Posted by Genaro G View Post
Can someone tell puga to stop being a chicken **** and take the bet
I will take your ban bet. But since you are a 2009 joiner, I don't think 1:1 bet is not fair. I will ban myself 2 months, you will ban yourself 3 months. You see, I joined 3 years way before you joined. It is simply not fair, if we are of equal longevity, then 1 to 1 bet is fair. 3 years is quite a big difference.

Are you accepting this bet? This bet is outside of the other bets you accepted. Can't offer same bet to different persons. If you lose , then this is 3 months above your other bets. I don't favor group bets.

Chicken? I need confirmation that you accept this bet otherwise I can't honor a unilateral bet.
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