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Default Re: JMM143 Pac147 This is why weight div!

Originally Posted by KnuckleUp99 View Post
Pac looks like he's going with power....JMM looks like speed was his agenda for this fight. Pac is definitely heavier but he doesn't look bigger. It will be interesting to see what their fight night weights are.

The thing about fight night weights is that often times the fighter steps into them fully clothed and with shoes on.
You cant really go by fight night weight when the difference between that and the official weighin is 5 or 6 lbs.
Your clothes can pretty much weigh that much.

A fighter like Chavez Jr. who scales 20 lbs heavier the next day you know is not all weight from your clothes.

All thoughout the negotiations for fight 3, I kept saying Marquez stood a good chance still if the fight were be held at 140 lbs where both can make without a problem.

Pacquiao is said to have to overeat to weighin at 143-145, wonder how many PED's he had to overdose on to hit the scales at 147 lbs and look the way he did.

Pacquiao's weight gain is likely in his legs. The legs that will carry him and make him withstand the straight rights by Marquez he was leary of last time.

If Pacquiao is able to just walk through Marquez shots without feeling the effects, I think it will be safe to assume it will be because of the extra weight he's carrying he did'nt carry last time.
Last time Pacquiao was leary of getting hit, he was feeling Marquez' shots.
I'll I'm saying is lets see if thats the case this time.
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