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Default Re: Joe Calzaghe: a wasted career?

Originally Posted by BlackBrenny View Post
As has already been said, at 168? YES, Lacy was a champion at least

You know, certain well-versed members of this forum once said Kelly Pavlik would always beat Joe, because of the style advantage...

Then Joe beats a "past it" Hopkins. who goes on and gives Kelly Pavlik a well over-due boxing lesson, poor Kelly.

What happened to Pavlik beating Joe 9/10?

needless to say those statements were withdrawn sharpish
I'm not bothered that Lacy held a title, even though I think Dawson is very overrated (always has been) - and the weight issue.... I still think he's a better fighter than Lacy was.

Nobody in their right minds picked Pavlik to beat Calzaghe.... it was just a shame that Calzaghe fancied the fight with Jones instead for the payday, then proceeded to give Roy a 50% split
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