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Who would you place instead, Adamek? I actually think Vyrchys would be a tough fight for most on that list although he didnt do enough as a pro to validate my opinion with proof. He did give Chagaev a good fight, granted they were stablemates and friends with neither giving their most bloodthirsty performance.
My list is still a work in progress il post it when i have decided. As for Golota, on talent alone he's top 5 but H2H its hard to place him top 5!

Chin, Durability and Mentality all come into play when assessing a fighters H2H pedigree not just ability! Problem with Golota was he is questionable in those 3 departments!

He didn't even try vs Tyson. Got off his stool in round 2 and began to walk around his corner refusing to fight another round citing Tysons headbutts as the reason! Subsequent events did however reveal that (as comical as it sounds!) he had a broken bone in his head, which could have pierced his brain, should the fight have continued!

Against lewis he had apparently been injected with lidocaine, a powerful painkiller, before the bout in an attempt to stave off knee pain and after the bout, Golota had a seizure and required resuscitation on the way to the hospital!

His career is just bizarre! I don't think he was balanced right mentally! Why on earth would you throw 2 fights you were clearly winning with Bowe? He had the chance to become Linear champ and smacked him in the nuts instead! Wtf! He also threw the fight with Grant too! Grant was down twice in first round and before Golota quit in the 10th he was way ahead on all the scorecards! Again wtf?

Byrd, Ruiz, Grant and Bowe should all be a W on his record but there not and we can't change that unfortunately! The ruiz fight was shameful! Put Ruiz down twice, clearly outboxed him and yet still lost!

Bizarre career.
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