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Default Re: Ali, was it worth it?

Originally Posted by Chaney View Post
Boy, you are living on a different planet to me. All around me I see decent men get scant rewards for their efforts, and lying crooks prosper as the general rule. We ain't living in no meritocratic utopia, buddy...I'm sorry to be the one to break that to you.

As for Ali, I think that if he would have retired after Zaire, he would still have gone down as one of (if not the) greatest of all time, still have made millions, and still have had most of his health in later years, and been able to cash in on and enjoy his status as a living legend.

I think most of the damage to Ali was caused in his post Zaire fights, such as Frazier III, Norton III, Shavers, Holmes etc.

It wasn't boxing per se that hurt him, it was foolishly carrying on for much, much too long in the hardest game that has damaged him so badly. And all the uncountable blows he took in his rather masochistic training sessions certainly didn't help, either.

Nicely summed up,Chaney. Ali's legend was cemented after Zaire,and no fight after it made any difference,positive or negative,to his legacy. Manila was a good encore only. And yes,I reckon had Muhammad hung 'em up after beating George Foreman,he'd have been a lot healthier today.
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