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Default Re: Jeffries Admits Munroe Did Not Merit Title Chance

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
It wasn't too long ago a few posters were stating that Munroe was a legitimate contender, and a worthy opponent for Jeffries, I believe I can count you among them J.
I said Munroe had no business challenging for a world title and ,now we see that Jeffries himself agreed with me.

Yes it sounds very similar to that other travesty Jeffries engaged in ,the affair with John Finnegan.

ps. We agree on Jeffries lack of a sense of humour at least.
It depends what you mean by a legitimate challenger.

Was Munro the best challenger available?


Was he regarded as a serious challenger by the contemporary media?


Was he as good as his supporters in the media thought?

In hindsight, no.

I would still not say that the fight was a travesty by todays standards.

That Jeffries himself regarded Munro lightly can be in little doubt. He offered to wager a substantial amount of money that either he or Bob Fitzsimmons could knock Munro out inside two rounds.
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