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Default Re: Punching power is "all attitude" - your thoughts?

Originally Posted by Theron View Post

They became like they were because of their power if you had their power and could knock out anybody and are the most feared man in the world it can go to your head, It also goes to the way your life has gone, there will be guys who don't hit hard who are angry and have the ''attitude'' your talking about Tyson was a whimpy kid he said fat and scared and said he beat up a guy in his first fight he must of had power then. Liston and Foreman were like that because Liston was treated like a thug and Foreman because he said the easiest way to deal with people was like he saw Liston do because nobody would mess with him,

Rocky Marciano said he didn't like boxing because of the ruthlessness he had to have and he was one of the nicest guys ever yet he hit like he did...

By your logic guys like Rocky Marciano, Joe Louis, David Tua, Max Baer, Tony Zale, Floyd Patterson should hit like sissies? because they didn't have the attitude your talking about....

And so i guess a guy like Pernell Whitaker had that attitude so i guess he must of had INSANE punching power i guess he just never wanted to use it ....
All of those guys were animals in the ring. Marciano was friggin ruthless as was Joe Louis, in the first 1-3 rounds David Tua was a pitbull on roids, Max Baer killed a guy because he got so mad at him laughing at him e.c.t. And I will never forget Patterson's slightly dark take on 'revenge' in his one interview about boxing
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