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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by BatTheMan View Post
Jones never fought a top 3 opponent after Toney. He had 6 fights at 168 after beating him. Of those fights he beat an unranked Thornton, a suspected juiced lightweight in Pazienza, a past it Byrd, a never was in Sosa, a young non-threat in Lucas and a veteran of 16 fights in Brannon.

So the deserving fighters Jones didn't fight is these guys:

Van Horn

That was at SMW. At LHW DM is the frontrunner.

I have now checked through each resume on your list, from the time that Roy beat Toney, until the time he moved up to 175.

Some fights couldn't be made, some fighters were deserving of a shot, and some fighters shouldn't even have been on the list.

The full list is as follows:

Nunn - Nunn only had TWO fights at 168 during Roy's reign, a loss to Liles, and a win over Scully. His other fights were between 175-195.

Benn - As discussed a billion times, a fight could not be made, because Roy and King couldn't agree terms. King wanted to tie Roy to a three fight contract.

Eubank - As discussed, he's admitted on numerous occasions, that Roy was never his mandatory, and he never went after the big fights. A fight was never viable.

Collins - 7 wins during Roy's reign, 2 wins over Benn, 2 wins over Eubank, and wins over Carr, Brown and Pyatt. In my opinion, Benn and Eubank had seen better days, but I think he was deserving of a shot at Roy

Iran Barkley - NO FIGHTS AT 168, during Roy's time there.

Victor Cordorba - Just ONE win against Tim Hillie, and I don't know if that was at 168 or 175.

Tim Littles - 3 wins against Casenay Truesdale, Mike Belcher and Chris Sande.

Van Horn - NO FIGHTS AT 168 during Roy's time there.

Frankie Liles - 4 wins against Nunn, Littles, Seillier and Amaral. Deserving of a fight, but according to Larry Merchant, turned down a big money offer to face Roy. The video of this is in post 230, but no specific details are given. Liles was also a Don King fighter.

Nardiello - 5 wins against Massimillano Bocchini, Jose Vargas, Rolando Torres, Noberto Bueno and Malinga.

Ray Close - Just ONE FIGHT at 168, a loss to Eubank in their rematch.

Rocchigiani - Just ONE FIGHT at 168, a draw against Seillier.

Frank Nicotra - Just ONE FIGHT at 168, a win against Hedi El Assaidi.

You've criticised Roy for having easy fights after Toney, and you were happy to throw these names around and claim that they were deserving of a fight.

Two of the fighters above, didn't even fight at 168 while Roy was there, and FOUR other fighters only had one fight each.

So those SIX fighters clearly weren't DESERVING of a shot.

You've been very harsh on Roy, and you haven't read up on these fighters. You also haven't allowed for circumstances either.

Regards, Loudon.

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