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Default Re: Tyson would have beaten wlad pretty easy and heres why

Originally Posted by mad*****ter View Post
See I think prime Tyson has a very good chance (>60%) of KOing a Purrity & Sanders time Wlad. However, IMO he'd have very little chance of KOing prime Wlad. I'd give a prime Tyson a <20% chance winning vs. today's Wlad, that's about it.
You are wrong, there's no two ways about it.

Wlad ducked Chorisa twice and Manny is on record saying he was relieved Wlad got out of the fights. This is a Fact. Manny knew Wlad inside and out and knew what his weakness were. He knew Chorisa would bring pressure and take Wlad into a slugging fest, which is the way to best him. Vatali nearly fell over from going 12 rounds with him after he walked through everything Vatali threw at him. Chorisa might not have won, but its a risk they did not want to take as they knew Chorisa's style was all wrong for him.

Now if Chorisa was enough to cause them worry, what the **** do you think prime Rooney trained Tyson would of done to him? Prime Tyson was knocking out iron chinned fighters who had never been knocked out and would go on to never being knocked out again. But brittle chined Wlad is going to brush of blows from one of the hardest hitters in boxing history like its nothing? His stationary stance and 1-2 is going to combat Mike's handspeed , footspeed, upperbody speed and counter punching from angles with bone breaking power? He does not have a prayer. The only punch Tyson was vulnerable to was the uppercut, and Wlad doesnt have that punch in his ****nal.

If you cant see how Mike is stylistically a nighmare for Wlad, you're uneduacted. Simple as that.
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